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  • 10/21/14 The History Of On-Hold Music

    History of on-hold music?   Is that a thing?   Sure enough, it is.   While the 1st phone call dates back to the early 20th century, the idea to entertain & inform a caller while waiting on hold doesn’t truly come along until the mid-50s.  Read a recent article from Slate.com on how on-hold messaging came about […]

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  • 04/07/14 ‘Plosives, Glottal Stops, and other voiceover noises

    The ears of a pro audio engineer are different than most.  Not so much in a “wow, those things look like they belong on a coffee mug” sort of way; rather, the difference is in what else they hear during your voiceover session. While clients & agency personnel are focused on words, style, inflection, and […]

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